Aaron Martin is creating a simple and intuitive digital experience for patients

Aaron MartinAaron Martin
Executive Vice President and Chief Digital and Innovation Officer, Providence St. Joseph Health
Managing General Partner, Providence Ventures

When it comes to health care, most people want the same things: lower costs, better outcomes, and a better patient experience. In today’s uncertain health care environment, serving these preferences is a growing challenge.

That’s why Providence St. Joseph Health is creating a more efficient, patient-focused, digitally-enabled, integrated health system.

Aaron Martin leads this effort. Martin is executive vice president and chief digital and innovation officer for Providence St. Joseph Health. He has more than 20 years of experience in strategy and technology, including his leadership of the Amazon team that transitioned traditional publishing from physical books to Kindle.

Martin and his talented team of innovators are working on creating a simple, intuitive digital experience for patients. They’re also exploring healthcare on demand, understanding how to better deliver services when and where patients want it. And they’re developing new ways to stay connected with patients between episodes of care, testing promising apps, services and tools that will help people in our communities stay healthy and manage chronic conditions.

Ultimately, digital innovation brings us closer to our patients, helping health systems move from just having transactions to developing enduring relationships with those we serve. Thanks to leaders like Aaron Martin, at Providence St. Joseph Health we’re delivering the future of health—today.