Advancing Health Care

Providence St. Joseph Health is the parent organization to a diverse family of hospitals and clinics serving the Western United States.

Together, as a family of organizations, we use our voice to advocate for the poor and vulnerable and needed reforms in health care. We are also pursuing innovative ways to transform health care by keeping people healthy, and making our services more convenient, accessible and affordable for all. 

In an increasingly uncertain world, we are committed to high-quality, compassionate health care for everyone - regardless of coverage or ability to pay. We help people and communities benefit from the best health care model for the future—today.

Initiatives Across Providence St. Joseph Health


Clinical Institutes

We're developing an institute model for specialty care across the seven states we serve, a virtual network that links all of our care locations, solving gaps in continuity of care for our patients and creating a seamless experience for them and their families.


Digital and Consumer Innovation:
Providence Ventures

We're working to bring health care into the digital and consumer age to better serve patients and consumers, delivering care on their terms: where, when and how they want it.



Our founders played a key role in building schools in the Western United States to ensure young people are well educated. We continue that tradition today with two educational ministries.


Institute for Human Caring

Providence St. Joseph Health isn’t just about meeting the medical needs of those we serve. We are focused on the whole person, including mind, body and spirit. We call it Whole Person Care.


Institute for Systems Biology

On our journey to create healthier communities, we are turning to the science of genomics to help individuals map a personal path to wellness. 


Nursing Institute

As advocates for the vulnerable in all their communities, nurses are critical to our mission, and all that Providence St. Joseph Health stands for. 

The Future of Mental Health

Mental Health

We're facing a mental health crisis. Across the U.S., more than 40 million adults have a mental health condition, and more than half of them go untreated


Well Being Trust

When Providence and St. Joseph Health came together, we made a commitment to address an urgent crisis in our communities: mental health.